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Taja, Ben, Estela Joy and Josiah Levi

  Ben and Taja met in Costa Rica a while ago... and both of them have a heart for this beautiful country. They are the leaders of our kids' ministry here in Costa Rica. 

  Taja is very good at organization and she really likes to teach the Bible, so she'll help us by teaching the kids every time she can. She's also a mom and has a handful with Josiah and Estela; however she also wants to start a branch of the ministry for pregnant teens.

   Ben loves Community Development and preaching! So, he wants to combine both passions to reach our community, the nation around Costa Rica and the world! He already has plans to teach people how to make the most of their land so that they can feed their families better! Because he really enjoys planting stuff and harvesting yummy things.

   They will keep you busy with projects when you come to visit us!

Crystal, Eze and Leilani Hope

   Crystal and Eze also met in Costa Rica while Crystal was the leader of a Bible school completing an outreach to CR. Eze had just came back from a missions trip to Panama and it was love at first sight! 

   Together they have served in Costa Rica, the United Stated and even in a big country in Asia... they came back here to help kick start this children's ministry and to help the community where Eze grew up in. 

  Crystal is a great Bible teacher and loves hospitality! Right now, she's teaching the Word to kids and she's helping Taja with the babies at home. She is a great support to the ministry and to this family!

    Eze is a translator and he's somewhat good with technology, so he helped us build this website! He will also help us with communications! He also loves to tell stories from the Bible and will be teaching the kids of the community every once in a while.

   Leilani Hope was born on August 12, 2015! She's the newest member of our staff! She's already smiling to people and trying to "talk" to everyone. She's a very good baby and makes this family complete!


   Zahira is Eze and Ben's mother! She has a heart for the community and will be helping with the kids' ministry as well as with the teams that come to help us build and do ministry around Costa Rica!

   She is a big help to Ben and Taja because she takes care of her grandchildren so that their parents can concentrate more on teaching and helping out in the community.

   Zahira is an artist: she paints in all sorts of materials and loves to quilt! Therefore, she wants to start a quilting class for women so that they can have an extra income to help their families. She already has a sewing machine and it's about to buy a second one to share it with the women who will come to her class.

  She also loves to cook, so when you come you'll probably taste some of her food. Feel free to practice your Spanish with her and you can also help her with her English, she really wants to learn it! 


Ron Payne

   Ron Payne is currently living at Princevllle Kauai. And from that beautiful island, he's helping us by being our Team Coordinator for our ministry! Ron has a lot of experience in ministry as he has over 48 years partnering with the Lord. At this point he's got his hands full as he will be visiting us again in March (2015). But he is not coming by himself, he is bringing two building teams to help us make our dreams of a house for the ministry, come true. 

   Do you want to come help us with the work here in Costa Rica? Do you want to bring your church group or youth group: contact Ron! He will tell you what to do and what to bring!


   We are always searching for more staff! You can come and be part of our team for a short period of time or for a lifetime. The amount of time you spend here is totally up to you. We hope to see you all come visit us either as a volunteer or as a more permanent staff member.


   If you are interested in being part of our ministry, please click on the button below to downlad the staff/volunteer application form and email it to

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