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Team House 

   We are working on having a multi-purpose building in the ministry property. Do you want to be part of a building team or want to donate toward this project? This is our biggest project yet!

   Send us a message if you want to come to Costa Rica and help us build it! Or click here to donate for this cause!



Kids' Club

   This is an ongoing project because we are commited to bring friendship, guidance and teaching to the kids in our community. We try to be a good influence as individuals and families to all the kids that come to the Playground and to the Kids' club. 




   The playground was a dream since the day we started this project, and thanks to the kind donation of a church: it is a reality!

   All the kids from the community are happy to be able to come and play with us and learn about the Bible in our Kids' Club! Thank you very much!



   We are teaching some ladies of the community to sow and quilt! And we are also teaching these skills at a teen moms' shelter, so that they can have an extra income when they are ready. We share the love of God at the same time. Quilting is a great tool for bringing fellowship and practical learning together.



   Community development is the core of what we want to do in Costa Rica. We want to help individuals, families and communities reach their full potential!

   Please consider coming to teach in our upcoming classes and workshops to help people of this great nation be their better selves!


Coffee Kids

   As part of our local outreach we want to be able to reach the coffee picker families and specially their kids. We want to encourage the little ones to play, study and work smart to have a better future. We know it's a hard task as most of them are seasonal workers but we are up for the challenge with God's help!

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