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Gracias! (Thank you!)

We want to give a huge "Gracias!" to everyone who has helped us, up to this point, in the process of gathering funds and the actual building process here in Costa Rica! The mission house's floor was a big project. Right now the walls are going up! So many interesting things have been happening lately, and so much more is to come in the near future!

Two teams from Hawaii came to help us get ready to start building our missions' house! And we all know that a good foundation is necessary to be able to build a solid house! We are very grateful for all of those who have come and picked up a shovel, a rake, a hammer and/or a puppet. Because ministry anywhere is not always what we think it is, because only God knows what we'll end up doing if we were to decide what to do when we go on a mission trip. We appreciate the flexibility that these teams showed and the endurance that God provided them with. We had long hours of work under the sun and nice meetings, along side with delicious meals and awesome fellowship.

We want to share some pictures of the process before we actually started the building, because we have been so so so busy that we have not posted enough evidence of our little contributions to the Kingdom! But we want to share these pictures as prove that we can do all things through Christ who strenghts us!

Here we go...



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