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Christmas Gifts!

We are always so excited for Christmas, because of several reasons. First of all is when we celebrate the birth of our savior: Jesus! Second of all, we get to gather with family and friends, open gifts and eat delicious food!

We have also been busy, because we received presents from up North, to be more specific, from Canada! We are glad to announce that our very good friends Don and Audrey are here for the season and also for a couple more months after that. They have decided to volunteer with The Omega Task for this month (December) and the first three months of next year!


We are also very very very happy to say that the Kids Club's Chirstmas party was a blast and the kids had a lot of fun. We had games, ice cream, cake and a piñata! Not only did the children enjoy the party but also the parents made their part, to the point of being part of the piñata fun! Pictures of the party will come soon...

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