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Building Update!

We would like to share with everybody that we got tile, toilets and sinks for the first floor!!! We also got windows and we are in the process of building all the doors and completing the electrical installation for the first floor.

We started using the building and the kids from the kids club are loving their new house!!! Check it out:

What's next?

We need to paint the building! As of today, it is a gray color building. We believe that some color will make it more appealing for the kids and the parents of the community. It will also help us protect the outside walls better from rain and the hot sun in Grecia!

We need to buy appliances for the kitchen, and cabinets! Another part of our ministry is to be able to provide a meal for the kids of the community who really need it. So far we have been giving the kids cookies and some juice everytime we have Kids' Club. Please pray about helping us to equip the ministry kitchen so we can provide them with complete meals! This will also be a blessings for visiting teams when they come to help spread the love and good news of Jesus in Costa Rica!

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