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What have you been up to lately?

You know those days when you have no time for anything else in your schedule and something else needs to be included in your day, don't you? Well, we have been busy and new things have been added to our plate during these last few months.

First of all, we had the opportunity to send Eze and Crystal (and baby Leilani) back to the States for a refresher Bible course. They are planning to bring a Bible training program to Centra America so that we can share it in the Spanish speaking world! That's great but that then means that we lost two staff (and a cute baby girl) for a season. But God called us not to slow down but to accelerate with renewed strength and more faith than ever. We know that God is with us and He is our joy and encourager every single day. So, we added more things to our already busy schedule. Here are some examples:

Baking classes

We have started a baking class in the community! It's truly a delicious ministry! You should consider joining us! We have also been working in rural areas, bringing the word of God to far away places and wonderful families who live away from our hometown. We also have had the opportunity to dream about and start walking toward a small self sustainable farm that we want the Omega Task to own and operate. This farm will help us by bringing meat and produce to our mission house at a better price, therefore helping us save money that we can allocate elsewhere in the ministry!

We have also been able to baptize a friend of ours, a disciple of Christ who wanted to publicly declare that he has been impacted by the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus. And he wanted to start a new life with a closer relationship with God being the center of it all. So we are trying to help in any way we can in his walk with the Lord. Praise Jesus for a new follower!

We were able to help in a community right after hurricane Otto couple of weeks ago. In the picture you can see how the streets are covered with mud (and that's after the clean up trucks went by, clearing the road some). We believe God has called us to help those in need as a way to get to show Jesus' love for them. We see how this Mercy Ministries also open doors to present the Gospel as well! These things go hand in hand. We are so blessed to be able to help others right in our own country. We keep also praying for our Nicaraguan neighbors, as Otto hit harder there.

We also continue doing all the usual things we have been doing from the beginning: kids' clubs, Bible studies in several communities and a new Bible class in partnership with an University of the Bible, out of the United States. God is so good, He always aligns everything and everyone perfectly. Would you pray with us to thank Him for His perfect timing and plans? And would you commit to pray for us and our ministry that it would be used by God powerfully to impact many and to raise many disciples in Spirit and in Truth? Thanks!!!

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